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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

"TRADE: 'Jon, the Actor: A Story'"

PMP Artist: -- Jon's Jenny -- (April 3, 2007).
Traded: -- The following story.
Recieved: -- Ten (10) color squares.

For those who may be curious, Jenny took the titles of each of my acting credits on my Filmography on (underlined below) and made a story out of them. This is that story:

"Jon, The Actor: A Story"

Once upon a time, in a far away land, lived three Little Women who, along with Emma’s Child (their neighbor), decided that they were bored with their lives and needed to add some Sugar and Spice. Most of their garments resembled Patchwork quilts, but they were determined to one day go from Rags to Riches.

It just so happened that Arthur, the Boy Who Would Be King, was flying by in the USS Enterprise 1701 (not to be mistaken for the USS Terra Nova) and saw who he thought was A Little Princess. He ordered his pilot to stop in the 1860’s Victorian village they had been flying over. As he stepped off the aircraft he put his hand firmly on the pilot’s shoulder and said, "You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown".

Meanwhile, the four women were hiding under The Bridge to Terabithia, knowing that their ticket out of their drab world resided All in the Timing. So, they waited patiently, keeping careful watch on Arthur, whom they decided to refer to as Mr. 3000. As they waited and watched, they told numerous stories to each other about the American Civil War and how they just loved the 1800’s Civilian stories.

The women marveled at the two visitors. "See How They Run," one would whisper, while another was in awe at The Crucible they had and wondered what they were melting in it. The youngest piped up and suggested that perhaps the crucible was To Kill a Mockingbird that they witnessed the men catching In the Net earlier.

"Quit spreading Rumors!" exclaimed Emma’s child. "These men are not like Medea who committed Crimes of the Heart. But now that A Murder is Announced we must go ask the men their intent for that poor mockingbird."

The women cautiously approached Arthur and Charlie and asked if they were planning to kill the mockingbird. The men were shocked at the question. "Absolutely not!" Arthur cried out. "Who said such a thing?! The Liar!" The girls solemnly lowered their heads, ashamed at their rumors, and feeling as if they should never have attempted to spice up their lives in the first place.

Arthur smiled softly, realizing the girls meant no harm, and was somewhat flattered to be part of their drama. "You ladies remind me of something one might find in Twain by the Tale. You girls are so imaginative; I think I will forevermore refer to you as the Little Big League of this land. You do not need to leave your land to have entertainment! Why, I’m sure if you did leave, eventually you would
Wish You Were Here."

The girls smiled and nodded in agreement.

Arthur patted Charlie on the back, nodded to the girls, and said, "Ok! Now come, for it is
A Grand Night For Singing!"

They all skipped off into the night, singing the songs of the land, and enjoying the new found spice in their lives. THE END.

Now *THAT* was creative! See how it's done? Offer me something creative and original of your own, and I'll give you a spot on my painting -- just like Jenny. Have fun!

Your friendly Master Artist,

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